June 22, 2021

The Awardee of the 2030 Climate Challenge!

Yesterday, our partners at Lever for Change announced that Renewable Thermal Collaborative (RTC) has been awarded $10 million as the recipient of the 2030 Climate Challenge. RTC is the first and only coalition of renewable energy buyers, sellers, and service providers dedicated to scaling sustainable thermal energy solutions. Alongside RTC, we are pleased to present the remaining four Finalists and their game-changing proposals. Sixty-eight teams were evaluated during a three-month process that included peer-to-peer reviews, as well as a final assessment by 45 climate experts. Through this open, transparent, and fair process, we attracted a wide and impressive assortment of practical and scalable answers to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. And, just as with all of our programs, we look forward to those Finalists and other participants receiving funding from third-party interests -- learn more by visiting...

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