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Carrot's services will take you from ideation and scoping through the complete execution of your program, using the Carrot Platform and our seasoned team of experts.
Program Design
We will help shape a clear and compelling statement that articulates your intended outcome. Once we’ve established your goals and objectives, we will present a series of reports for your approval to address: the proposed timeline and phasing; the number and type of recommended awards and incentives; the application requirements; the scoring rubric and assessment protocols; the outreach and engagement strategy; and, the legal terms and conditions.
Market Analysis
Scoping Report
Customized Application
Legal Terms & Conditions
Scoring Rubric Development
Program Timeline Strategy
Judge Recruitment / Training
And more…
Program Branding
We will deliver a custom name and brand for your program, including a dedicated website with a look and feel that complements the identity of your organization or cause. This creative exercise produces both a central online portal for communicating your call to action and collateral materials to drive participation.
Logo Development
Website Design
Front-End Development
Accessibility Optimization
And more…
Program Development
Once you approve the Program Design, we will configure our software platform to match your approved process. The Carrot Platform will enable registration, submission, and the assessment of all proposals. This includes features for registrants, to judges, to program adminstrators.
Platform Features
Multi-Role Capabilities
Q&A Forums
Customized Application
Assessment Protocols
On-Demand Data / Reporting
And more…
Program Management
Once the program has launched, Carrot will support day-to-day operations. We will host regularly scheduled meetings with you to report progress and deliver our analysis of your results. We will host webinars and training sessions for your participants and judges, and we will deliver custom reports and provide on-demand access to data to ensure that you remain informed.
Status Calls
Q&A Webinars
Judge Training
Participant Support
Data Analysis & Reporting
Technical Support
Website Updates
And more…
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Process Timing
A Preview of our Process
When designing your program, we follow a rigorous schedule of research, design, and execution. From your kick-off meeting to your final selection process, we learn about the intent of your organization and identify the most appropriate path to get you the results you need.
Program Discovery
We use multiple tools to understand and determine what type of program would be best suited for your initiative before starting program scoping and design.
Program Scoping
We will present the type of program that meets your needs; calibrate incentives to attract participants; create submission and scoring processes; advise your marketing strategy; and finalize all legal terms and conditions.
Program Design
Our team will build a custom roadmap from the initial build, through the launch, to the selection and awardee(s) that keeps you informed and activates your stakeholders throughout the process.
From naming to logo design and branding development, we'll provide all the assets you'll need to create a memorable brand for your initiative.
Website Design & Development
We will deliver a compelling visual website for your competition that is tailored to complement your brand and attract participants, providing them with a clear, open, and transparent experience.
Platform Configuration
We will host our platform and online infrastructure to support participant registration, foster collaboration between participants, collect submissions, facilitate the evaluation process, and produce final results.
Outreach & Engagement
We will build a custom strategy to engage and activate networks of problem solvers to make sure your competition attracts the talent best suited to meet your needs.
Our team will host Q&A sessions, respond to emailed questions, monitor forums, and more to provide applicants the support they need to submit their best ideas and make sure that they are judged by the merit of their solutions instead of their ability to navigate an application.
We will provide and analyze metrics to fine-tune each phase of participation, including participant statistics and demographics. During evaluation, we will ensure a successful review process through close coordination with your team and judges.
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Our Guarantee
From your kick-off to the announcement of awards, we’ll be by your side, providing guidance and expert advice. We’ll work with you to ensure a value-added experience for every participant. By delivering value, even to those who don’t receive an award, we can increase the quality of your program, build a community of dedicated solvers, and align your organization with the latest trends in next generation procurement.
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